domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Instagram II

1- My coats and bags hanging on my clothes rail. 2- Me waiting for the bus to come.
 3- On the lift. 4- George Craig followed me on Twitter! Yay!
5- Loving my skull socks <3 6="6" amp="amp" and="and" bought="bought" cds="cds" del="del" direction="direction" happy="happy" i="i" lana="lana" m="m" new="new" one="one" p="p" rey="rey" s="s" so="so">8- Reading on bed with the computer. 9- My manicure. 10- Me while shooting.
11- My tumblr! 12- Wearing a black skirt and my pink sweater.
Have a nice week everyone! <3 p="p">